Mac Icon Baby

Mac Finder Icon Baby

A Mac Finder Icon Baby is born (made) on the delivery table of a vintage treadle sewing machine from my collection. For those who don’t know, that’s a foot powered, not electric, sewing machine. I sew them myself.

See my YouTube video.

Reviewed by Larry Greenberg on YouTube.

Late one night in November 2009, I created a fun pillow baby that Mac people can appreciate, his face is the finder icon.

On new year’s eve 2009 when all our family was together we chuckled about my grandsons who love running around in their underwear. I said I needed to make undies for my naked FinderBaby. My son, Doug, said, "He also needs a red cape." That is how he became Super Mac Icon Finder Baby.

Now there is a girly girl in a tutu and criss cross laced bodice, ready to dance.

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This is one of the vintage treadle sewing machines that births babies, one is shown in progress.

Your baby is made of fleece and polyester fiber filling, 12 inches tall. The boy wears undies and a red cape and the girl wears a soft nylon tutu and fleece bodice with ribbon lacing so she is cuddly.

Each has a Treadle Lady tag sewn on the back.

Early tech, treadle sewing machine, meets high tech. I’m a Mac girl, love my MacBook, GarageBand and iMovie.

Your Mac Finder Icon Baby comes with a birth certificate, I can write in the name  if you like or you can fill it in when your baby is delivered into your hands by your postman.